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Monday, February 21, 2011

Riddle me this...

Every Monday the bookstore staff puts their heads together and collectively works out the Sunday NPR Will Shortz Puzzle.  Kestrel is usually the one who has the puzzle memorized so we all flock to her asking, "What's the puzzle?"  For various information booth shifts there will be scraps of paper littering the counter as we write down potential answers, removing vowels, and rearranging letters. There have been times when we've all left the store at the end of the day scratching our heads and others when it's taken 3 minutes and..."I have it!"

So here's an open invitation: come on down to Third Place books on a Monday afternoon and help us figure out the puzzler. Yet another way that we can be your Third Place.

Want to work on this week's puzzler?

Spell a part of the human body. Change one of the letters to an E, and rearrange the result to name another part of the human body. What body parts are these? Clue: Both parts of the body are things you can see.

A word of warning: The staff have figured out at least three different answers.