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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Reading With Mom

So many moms and kids have been in the bookstore this weekend; people buying cards, little gifts, and trying to find that perfect book for mom.  One woman came in with her new baby, celebrating her first Mother's Day.  Another bought the book that she loved most as a child for her mother to read to her new granddaughter.

My mom says her favorite book to read to my brother and I was The Monster at the End of this Book.  It is a pretty great read, and I highly recommend it if it wasn't a part of your childhood.  And while I have fond memories of reading with my mom, it's as I get older that I truly enjoy sharing with her a passion for reading.

Mostly, I love sharing our different reading tastes.  I like to read fiction and love passing on the most interesting and quirky novels to my mom.  She doesn't always like them as much as I do, but she always reads them and points out some new aspect that I had missed.  But it does make me feel so awesome when she loves my recommendations like I do; gives my daughter/bookseller soul a boost of pride.

Right now my mom is really into history.  Specifically, the presidents. She's been making her way through presidential biographies for the past few years.  She's currently finishing  up John Quincy Adams, which she says has been the most boring...but she pushes on.  Her favorite thus far is George Washington.  And the horrible things she told me about Thomas Jefferson caused me to throw away the souvenir Jefferson bust I had gotten at the Jefferson memorial.  And this summer she starts Andrew Jackson.  She'll be reading American Lion, and I think I might shun my history/nonfiction aversion and read it with her.  It's the least I can do for the woman who gave me and continues to foster my love of reading.  Thanks, Mom!

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