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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Share Your Shelf

A friend sent me this article, which then led me to this cool blog.  Am I the last person to come across this?  Well if I am, I blame you all for not telling me about it.  This fits right in with my public-transit-reader voyeurism.  This blog is filled with submitted pictures of readers' bookshelves.  I love it.  One of my favorite things about seeing bookshelves in movies or magazines, is searching for familiar or favorite titles.  Now I can search to my heart's content.  With the added bonus that these shelves are real and represent real people; filled not only with the books people love, but also the knick knacks and photos that find their homes along with those well-loved books.  Enjoy.

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  1. Sorry, had some typos, I was saying that it's great to see real books still occupying an important place in peoples' lives, what with the arrival of Kindle and all, a real special Lady of mine that recently passed would have loved to have seen this, We both loved reading and books, Kiri Ballach, books Love. Hope you still read wherever you are x