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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bookseller Top Tens! Part One

So, it's a little late in the countdown list game, but here are our bookseller top ten lists for books read in 2012.  There are very few rules for this...books listed can be published this year, or not; they can be in English, or not; they can be old favorites, or new; the lists can be ordered, or not...really anything goes, as long as they're books, and even that's negotiable.  I'm breaking this into two posts, because I got so many responses from both our Lake Forest Park and Ravenna booksellers.  Without further ado...

Robert at Lake Forest Park
Robert says that all these were published this year except for Williams 1965 neglected classic Stoner – a beautiful and sad book that he would recommend to anyone who loves literature.
Michael at Ravenna
Michael says he doesn't really have a favorite, but if forced...he would pick The Life of Objects
Emily A. at Lake Forest Park
Emily cheated and picked 11- although I did say there were few rules...well played, Emily.
Ami at Ravenna
Ami is super stoked to see what everyone else picked for their top tens!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stan at Lake Forest Park
Stan's top ten is titled, Untitled...edgy, Stan!
Mark B. at Ravenna
I've never heard someone praise a book as much as Mark praised Gone Girl.
Patti H. at Ravenna
Patti makes a bold move and says that Icefall, is not only her number one for the year, but maybe one of her most favorite books...EVER!
Erin J. at Lake Forest Park
Erin finds the task of whittling her list to only ten books particularly daunting.  Agreed!
That's it for Part One.  Stay tuned for the sequel, chock full of even more, awesome books!


  1. hi erin, i'm excited for part two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    - ami

  2. Ami...There's gonna be a part three too!!!!!!!

  3. Wait, what happened to Part Deux?

  4. I haven't forgotten, Part II is on the way!