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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer Syllabus

Having just finished school, I find myself with some long-overdue extra time and a whole lot of reading to catch up on. I wonder what should the form of my reading take. Because, while school may be over, I still have this strange need to be told what to read. So, I'm working on my syllabus for the summer. In doing so, I've been looking into the reading related goals of others, here a few that I'm pondering:

  • of course there is the practical and money-saving read every unread book in my house. Read it or get rid of it could be my new mantra.
  • I could pick one new author and read all of their books...I probably wouldn't try this with Charles Dickens.
  • I've always been a fan of theme reading. Maybe Moby Dick followed by a non-fiction tome about whales.
  • My mom is slowly making her way through all the presidents, reading a biography of each...though I think one presidential historian in the family is enough.
  • Maybe I should read every book that's won a literary prize in the last three years. That would get me caught up.
  • I have one friend who is reading the favorite book of each of her friends.
Those are a few ideas. But I'm still not set on a specific course. I should probably just go back and re-read the Harry Potter books while I figure it out. Any ideas for me? What's your summer syllabus?

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