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Monday, October 14, 2013


We love your used books! Especially when you forget to take your bookmarks out before you sell them to us. The number of bookmarks we have rescued is astounding. And probably much, much less than the number of bookmarks we have passed on to the new purchaser of your old used book. We've seen it all. Here's a quick list of some of the more popular bookmarks.

  • money (usually foreign currency)
  • postcards
  • actually fancy bookmarks
  • receipts
  • old photos (photo booth photos are my favorite!)
  • plane tickets
  • playing cards
  • origami
  • bookmarks from other bookstores (those are especially fun...just to see how far the book has traveled)
At Ravenna, we've started a collection of these old and forgotten page-keepers. You'll find them in a basket on the used book counter. And you're more than welcome to take one home. Help these bookmarks fulfill their bookmark destiny.

And don't forget our used book sale coming up. 40% off all used books. November 9th and 10th. Both locations

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