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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Fresh from the Vault

Go Set a Watchman. It's the only thing anyone is talking about. Except Stephen. Our newest bookseller at Lake Forest Park has imagined what other famous first drafts publishers could release. I really think someone should write number four. I would read it. Check it out.


Following the rampaging success of Go Set a Watchman, the recently rediscovered early version of Harper Lee's beloved classic To Kill a Mockingbird, what other lost works are being unearthed?

1. The Brilliant Bartlett - F. Scott Fitzgerald's Obvious rip-off of the PG Wodehouse's Jeeves novels featuring the hilarious misadventures of Jay Gatsby and his ingenious butler.

2. The Young Man and the Beach - Ernest Hemingway A small boy spends all day trying to catch a
lizard. When he finally gets hold of it, its tail comes off.

3. A la recherche de Caen perdu - Marcel Proust In six epic volumes, a sensitive young boy struggles to find accurate directions to a French seaside town.

4. Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen Lizzie Pride is a maverick detective who doesn't play by the book. Sparks fly when she's forced to partner with straight-laced police constable Darcy Prejudice.

5. Harry Potter and the Lonely Cupboard - JK Rowling A dark and tedious story about an unloved orphan trapped under the stairs by his evil guardians.


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