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Friday, May 7, 2010

Read With Your Neighbors!

This year, Lake Forest Park Reads together for the sixth summer, and this year we've chosen beloved local author Ivan Doig's novel The Whistling Season for our shared book.

It's always fun to review titles and narrow down the one the Committee thinks will have the greatest appeal to LFP readers and book clubs.  We've had a run of hits: Broken For You, The Highest Tide, Plenty: A Year of Eating Locally, The Worst Hard Time, and A Sudden Country .  While Plenty was written by a couple from BC, all the others are by local authors.   

The Whistling Season is set in early-20th century Montana ( familiar Doig country) and is the story of a widower who advertises for a housekeeper for him and his children -- the woman who steps off the train is just right for the job, and her brother adds his own color to all of their lives.  It's a novel any reader 13 and up can enjoy.
In choosing The Whistling Season we thought about reading local author John Marzluff's and local artist Tony Angell's In the Company of Crows and Ravens; Zeitoun by Dave Eggers; and Seattle Noir, a collection of local mystery writers' stories.

LFP Reads is a consortium of the City, the LFP branch of King County Library, Friends of the Library, and Third Place.

Ivan Doig will be here June 29 with his NEW novel, Work Song.  Remember that brother I mentioned earlier......The TPB Book Club will welcome the author to the July 26 book club meeting.  The Whistling Season is discounted 20% for June, July and August.

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