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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pulse It & Wattpad Writing Contest!

Know any teen writers who would love to know more about the publishing industry?

Pulse It has partnered with Wattpad.com for a teen writing contest featuring bestselling author Lisa McMann. Wattpad, “the world’s most popular e-book community”, is an online & mobile social networking site where members are able write and share their stories & novels. Members can also rate stories and create a library. 

Wattpad’s Stats:
10 Million members worldwide
100,000 story submissions per month
Over 1 million app downloads per month 
39,000 Facebook Fans
6,600 Twitter followers

The Contest: 

To enter teens must to become a member of the Pulse It and Wattpad communities. Lisa McMann has written a prompt—the first few lines of a story—that users must finish in 2,500 words or less. The contest runs from July 15th to September 15th and the winner will be chosen & announced by Lisa McMann through Wattpad.com and Pulse It. Throughout the promotion, additional content will be released, including videos and excerpts from Lisa McMann’s books: The Unwanteds and Dead To You.  The winner will be flown to NYC and visit the S&S offices to get the inside scoop on publishing.  

If you know any teen writers, let them know about this awesome opportunity!

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