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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Race Weekend!

On Saturday, July 16th, Third Place Books staffers Emily, Wendy and Erin participated in two local events, the Chelan Man and Warrior Dash. 

Emily's race, The Chelan Man, is a weekend full of racing activities held at Lakeside Park in Chelan. The challenges range from a Splash'N'Dash to a Half Ironman. Read more about the race at http://chelanman.com/ 

Emily completed the Olympic Triathalon in 3 hours, 8 minutes and 9 seconds. She went with 20 other people that had also raced with her in Hawaii. This was a great addition, she says, since “both the bike leg and the run were out and back so I got to see everyone I knew multiple times.” One annoyance? “It rained. That was wrong, since it's not supposed to rain in Chelan in July.”

Emily poses for the camera
While Emily was racing in the rain, Wendy and Erin were at the Warrior Dash, an annual 3.5 mile obstacle course race held in North Bend. (Read more at http://warriordash.com/ ) They made their way past fences, braved barbed wire, jumped over cars, dodged hanging tires, crab walked over nets, navigated a balance beam and slogged through a dark pit of “horrible mud that almost sucked your shoes off.” There was even one section of jumping over flames! Amazing.

Wendy (r) with two fellow racers
Erin's favorite aspect of the race was “being really, really dirty,” saying that it was the muddiest she's ever been. Wendy would have liked tougher obstacles. “It'd be cool if they had five walls back to back,” she explained. “The wall was my favorite, for sure.”

Erin (l) gets ready to rock and roll
Wendy summed up by saying, “the race had people from all walks of life, all age ranges, all fitness levels – it was more about personal achievement.” Personal achievement, indeed!

We love having superstar athletes in our midst. Great job, you three!

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