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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Read This Book

Robert says, "Read this book"...

By Blood, by Ellen Ullman

I won't discuss the plot of this book, because its one of those novels that rewards so much to the reader who goes in without preconceptions of what they are in for. 

Wonderful in its hypnotic creepy atmosphere, Ellen Ullman’s By Blood, moves like a Hitchcock thriller, bewilders like a labyrinthine Paul Auster story and probes and questions like a Malcolm Gladwell essay. Its one of those books where you know the path will be mysterious and the path’s end unpredictable, but you give yourself over to the ride enjoying the richness of the moments rather than rushing onward for the next twist in the tale. The narrative device that Ullman employs here works wonders, giving the perfect mix of tension and momentum to the story and carefully pacing what the characters and the reader get to learn as the novel progresses.  

This is a book that is going to a strong word of mouth following. You want other people to discuss it with while your reading it and certainly when you are done.

What great praise...now I want to read it too!  That's just one more fantastic book review from your favorite independent booksellers

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