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Thursday, August 29, 2013

New Harry Potter Covers

Harry Potter got a face lift this week. He is 33 years old after all (though the first book about him is only 16 years old). Sure, it's hard to count how many times these books have been issued in different formats. But these have got to be the coolest. The cover art is done by Kazu Kibuishi, author of another popular series, Amulet. The new HP looks a little more dark and dangerous than old HP, and it works. Plus, when you line them all up, the spines make a picture of Hogwarts!

I might just buy this beautiful new set myself. But then I realize that I already have my original hardcovers, and then a few years back I got a British set in paperback. So maybe three sets is crossing a line...but then again, I do own four different versions of Moby Dick. Hmmmmm...


  1. Is there such thing as two many sets of Harry Potter? I personally have then in the original Hardcover and Paperback in America, as well as patial sets of the adult and children (and rerealeased children) covers for the UK/Canada. I also have a full set in Spanish and Ukraine, and partial sets in Thai, Chinese, German, French, Welsh and Italian. I want these! Maybe you could gift them to me? ;-)

  2. *whispers* numbers 5 & 6 need to be switched in the picture :)