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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Family Christmas Reads

The temperature has dropped, the lights are up, paper snowflakes hang in the window.  The store is bustling and busy with people searching for the perfect gift.  But in the midst of all that gift searching, don't forget to get a little something to share with the whole family.  Maybe start a new tradition of reading a book out loud while waiting to hear the sound of reindeer hooves and jingling bells.  Our front table -- here in Ravenna -- is overflowing with Christmas and winter books of all kinds

If you don't know where to start, Emily M. offers these suggestions:

An Otis Christmas by Loren Long
Otis, the underdog of all tractors, saves the day again. When the birth of a new horse goes all wrong, Otis risks his life to get the doctor. How will he make it in time? (Ages 3-8)

Family Christmas Treasury
I know of some families who love to read from anthologies and collections. New to the Christmas table this year is a collection of eight classic stories -- like Tacky, Curious George, and Strega Nona -- to read again and again. And, tucked between each story is a holiday carol to read or sing. (Ages 3-8)

The Christmas Cat by Maryann MacDonald
Some legends tell of a cat who comforted the baby Jesus. And, cats were no strangers to places like barns and mangers; so, maybe? This book was inspired through Da Vinci's La Madonna del Gatto. (Ages 3-8)

The Christmas Tale of Peter Rabbit by Emma Thompson
Vegetarians and non-turkey eaters, this book is for you! Cousins Benjamin Bunny and Peter Rabbit -- whose father was once baked in a pie, if you recall -- will not let McGregor catch William, the large turkey, for Christmas dinner. (Ages 3-8)

Best Christmas Pageant Ever by Barbara Robinson
The Herdmans are the bullies of all bullies! So, what are they doing at the first Christmas pageant practice at the local church? And, what will they do first? Beat everyone up before the performance, burn the church down, or steal from the offering plate again?  This one's a classic and a must-read for everyone! (Ages 6+)

Gift of the Magi by O. Henry (illustr. by P.J. Lynch)
For those of you who aren't familiar with this classic, it is a wonderful short story about a poor husband and wife who truly give from the heart. Selling your most treasured possession can bring the most humbling gifts. P.J. Lynch's breathtaking watercolor illustrations reflect the joy and sadness with each page turn. This is no doubt the beautiful-est illustrated edition out there. (Ages 10+)

*We also have a small assortment of Christmas books on sale, so don't forget to swing by our bargain table (just restocked with great money-saver books).* Thank you for shopping with us and supporting small businesses. Happy Holidays!

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