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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

We Will Miss You Cheryl

This week we say a reluctant goodbye to one of our best. Cheryl McKeon, 10 year Third Place Books bookselling veteran, is joining her family in a move to the Northern California this week. If you don’t know her by name, then you will certainly recognize her from the pictures here. For if you ever needed a recommendation for your book club, it was Cheryl who helped you (presenting over 400 personalized “basket of books” presentations to book clubs). If you have attended one of our in store book club discussions, it was Cheryl who kept the group engaged and on track (facilitating over 110 in store book club meetings). If your child came home from school telling you about the great author she me that day, it was Cheryl who made that happen (escorting over 100 children’s book authors to local in school events).
Outside of earning the respect and devotion of our customers, Cheryl has been a prominent and respected figure within the larger bookselling community. She has represented Third Place Books in multiple organizations including as a board member of the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association and the Lake Forest Park Reads Committee.
Beyond this impressive resume, however, is a true friend and colleague who will be greatly missed. Cheryl is family for us here at Third Place. It is hard to say goodbye to family.
Cheryl, we wish you and your family the best in your new home. You have been a huge part of what Third Place Books is at its best and your work and legacy here will be felt well into the future.


  1. Cheryl, I have such a lovely memory of meeting you when Kirby and I did a book event and signed Two Bobbies at Third Place. You are such a gracious host with a wealth of knowledge about books! I see you're moving to Northern California--my stomping grounds! Anywhere near Eureka, CA?? I can only hope!

  2. I miss Cheryl already! Excellent committee-woman, and damned good company. Hope she enjoys the move to the Bay Area.