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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Jello Phone

One of the great things about used books, besides the price, is the history.  With any luck, you've picked out a used book that's been read and loved by it's previous owner; maybe you're sharing a favorite book with a complete stranger, and you don't even know it!

Well, we love buying your used books because of all of the great things we find tucked inside and forgotten about in those books.  You can't even imagine how many bookmarks we've collected.  We have countless photos, loads and loads of postcards.  Sometimes we'll stumble upon a heartfelt note, or drawing.  You can see a lot of these treasures hanging on the walls around the used book counters in both of our stores.  Here is one of my favorites from the Ravenna store; a poem, handwritten in pencil on a scrap of paper.  We're not sure if it was copied from somewhere, but the scratch-outs seem to indicate the artistic process of the unknown poet.

J-e-l-l-o Phone
I do not want a telephone,
I'd rather have a Jello-phone.
Instead of button pushing behaviors,
We'd dial by licking yummy flavors.
So, if my number were 9-8-9...
My flavor would then be lime-grape-lime.
And you know how a hot phone on your ear leaves a welt,
Well, the jello-phone you see, it would just melt.
Or if you drop it on the floor,
It'll bounce right back where it was before.
And instead of a ring when you get a call,
It jiggles and wiggles right off of the wall.
And if you find telemarketers pernicious
just hang up and eat it...it's delicious.

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