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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Novel Costume Ideas!

Not sure what to be for Halloween?  Here are some spooky literary options for you.

How about James Joyce.  A dapper bow tie, an eye patch, some well-groomed facial hair, and a copy of Ulysses.
Companion Costume:  June 16th aka, Bloomsday.

Or perhaps Daisy Buchanan?  Recycle that flapper costume from 3 years ago. Pair it with a constantly lit cigarette and a copy of The Great Gatsby.
Companion Costume:  A yellow Rolls-Royce.

Captain Ahab?  Take a general pirate/maritime look, add a whale-bone leg, maniacal expression, harpoon, and a copy of Moby Dick.
Companion Costume: Bespectacled DJ, Moby.

Maybe Dickens is more your style...try Miss Havisham.  All you need is a decaying wedding, dress-maybe covered in spider webs, lifelong disappointment, and a copy of Great Expectations.
Companion Costume: Moldy wedding cake.

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