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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Read This Book! (Epic Edition)

The Orchardist, by Amanda Coplin

Now, normally Read This Book features a recent favorite from one of our lovely staff.  But this time around, we've got- not one, not two, but THREE booksellers (plus one former used-book-buyer in New Zealand) telling you to READ THIS BOOK!

Set in the untamed American Pacific Northwest, a highly original and haunting debut novel about a makeshift family whose dramatic lives are shaped by violence, love, and an indelible connection to the land.

Writing with breathtaking precision and empathy, Amanda Coplin has crafted an astonishing debut novel about a man who disrupts the lonely harmony of an ordered life when he opens his heart and lets the world in. Transcribing America as it once was before railways and roads connected its corners, she weaves a tapestry of solitary souls who come together in the wake of unspeakable cruelty and misfortune, bound by their search to discover the place they belong. At once intimate and epic, evocative and atmospheric, filled with haunting characters both vivid and true to life, and told in a distinctive narrative voice, The Orchardist marks the beginning of a stellar literary career.

Emily says:
Coplin has captured a time when solitude was more common and more accepted as a way of life, and the rhythms of the seasons played a greater role. Subtle characters communicate through gesture more than dialogue, delivering a quiet intensity in this remarkable debut novel. I was completely transported.

Jane, Judy, and Kestrel agree wholeheartedly!

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