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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cookin' the Books

This month's smaller theme table is dedicated to the fabulous Ginger, the Espresso Book Machine (or the Book Oven, as I like to call her), and her beautiful array of wonder-books!  Vlad has selected and printed just a few of the many great hard to find and out-of-print titles that are available right now.  If you haven't had a book printed just for you yet, you may want to come down and check it out...it's quite the power trip!

Autumn suggests Goblin Market and Other Poems, by Christina Rossetti

Victorian poetry doesn't usually conjure up the image of two fruit-syrup covered lasses ravaging each other with their mouths but then you have to think that SOMETHING must have been going on under all those corsets and stifling social mores.  Typically known for her idyllic children's poems, the title poem in this collection will astonish you with it's thinly veiled sexuality.

Monica offers Rilla of Ingleslide, by L.M. Montgomery

Canada's home front during WWI, as seen through the eyes of a teenage girl whose family sends 3 boys to war, takes in an orphan, learns to make do with rationing, and experiences the daily small joys and dramas of life along with global scale ones.  Fans of Anne of Green Gables will recognize this last book of that series but it can be enjoyed as a stand-alone as well.


You'll find these titles and more, but if we happen to sell out of the title you want, give us about 30 minutes and we'll have one for you hot off the presses!

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